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WA Insurance Group & Winona Agency Blog: safety tip

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Blog By: Brad Turner The time has come to use outside faucets. That means turning on the water to the outside using the same faucet that was turned the opposite direction last fall to turn it off.   But in very cold winters like we just had, it's possible for the pipe which carries water to freeze, expand and burst. READ MORE >>

Blog By: Perian Heffner, CIC We haven't yet seen the worst of the interior  water damage  we expect from this unusually severe winter. You might still have time to take action to prevent or reduce damage. Ice dams form from heat escaping through the roof and melting the snow that's piled up. READ MORE >>

Blog By: Dustin Lano It's no fun to check air pressure in tires this time of year, but now is probably the most important season to pay attention to this. Tires lose about 1 pound of air pressure per square inch (PSI) for each 10 degrees of temperature drop. READ MORE >>

Blog by: Andy Arends It's black ice season and that means  extra care  is necessary when driving. The term "black ice" isn't really accurate because the ice is not black in color. Like most ice, it is clear colored. If you think you see black, you're really seeing black asphalt covered by a very thin layer of transparent ice. READ MORE >>

Blog By: Brad Turner If you look in all the closets and under all the beds, chances are you’ll find no monsters. That doesn’t mean there isn’t an invisible one patiently lurking and slowly inflicting harm. It’s called the Radon Monster. READ MORE >>

Blog By: Perian Heffner, CIC Do you own a snow blower? Another name for this device might be finger chopper because that’s what snow blowers do hundreds of times each winter. Almost without exception it’s the fault of the user.  READ MORE >>

Blog by: Brad Turner There's a reason why you see warnings on gasoline pumps about placing gasoline containers on the ground when filling them. You can cause a fire if you don't. All it takes is a little static electricity spark near gasoline fumes to cause an explosion and fire. READ MORE >>

Blog By:  Dustin Lano Did you ever put a battery in your pocket and carry it around for a while? DON’T!  It could cause an injury. If you have keys, coins or other metallic objects in your pocket and there is contact between the battery terminals and such objects, you may get an unpleasant surprise. READ MORE >>

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