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Habitational & Commercial Property Expertise

As the business and regulatory environment for the habitational and commercial property industry continue to evolve and become more complex, we understand that providing security for our clients no longer means just specializing in Hazard Risk and protecting our client’s assets with insurance coverage. It also means moving beyond just the scope of Hazard Risk and incorporating Strategic Risk and Business Risk assessments into customized plans that deliver results for our clients.

From owning, developing, and managing property we understand the numerous, complex risks involved. Our specialized, holistic approach to managing risk, Profit Shield: Habitational and Commercial Property allows us to cut through the clutter and provide you clarity in the risks you face today with a customized game plan to execute. When the game plan is executed, it allows you to keep your eye on the ball and focus on achieving your business goals.

What is risk from a business owner’s viewpoint? What could cause you to take your eye off the ball? Anything that can damage or cause harm to your people, clients, reputation, and ultimately your bottom line. The right insurance programming is critical. However, insurance does not cover everything. A true line of defense to manage your company’s risk should be holistic. Our holistic approach to managing risk is simple:

1.    Prevent

  • What are the potential physical hazards on your property that could cause physical or bodily harm that could be prevented?

2.    Mitigate

  • When something goes wrong, what plan is in place to minimize the damage?

3.    Transfer

  • How is your risk being transferred with your vendors and clients? Are you taking unknown, unfair and unnecessary liabilities on that could impact your bottom line or relationship with a key client?

4.    Finance

  • Is your insurance customized to fit your businesses unique needs? What are risks that can be covered that could impact your business that no one has shared with you?

5.    Assume

  • Two ways to assume…
    • Known: What are the known risk assumptions I’m willing and comfortable to take on?
    • Unknown: What are the unknown risk assumptions being taking on that could come back to haunt me that could have been identified and addressed through the right risk assessment? 

How do you manage environmental exposures and dangers that could damage your property?
Our risk management tools will help you manage mold exposures, identify fire dangers and protect against other disasters that could cause significant damage to your property.

Does the Directors & Officers (D&O) Liability Policy protect you and your company from lawsuits involving negligence in the event of a Data Breach?
How would your D&O Liability Policy respond in event of a data breach? Who does it actually protect?  Did you know as a Board Member you can be held personally liable for your negligence to the company in the event of a data breach when sued by clients or shareholders? Let us help you avoid these potential landmines by placing the right D&O liability insurance policy in place for your company.

Is the stress of dealing with tenants taking a toll on you?
Manage your commercial or residential tenants with ease using our property management tools.

What are you doing to manage liabilities associated with property ownership?
From vacant property to cyber security to common ownership structures, we’ll help you identify and mitigate your potential liabilities, so you can focus on managing your real estate investments instead of worrying about the threat of a potential lawsuit.

What liabilities are you unknowingly assuming in your contracts with vendors and clients?
What are the insurance requirements that you are requiring from your clients and vendors or you’re being required to have from others? How do you know you’re being adequately protected from unfairly taking on claims your vendors or clients are really responsible for? How do you know you’re not in breach of contract? We’ll help you identify and pinpoint the best risk transfer methods for your business’s individual needs.

Profit Shield Risk Management Process: Habitational & Commercial Property

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