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The Noise Reduction System™

The Problem
How much time do you spend doing what you do best, enjoy most, and what brings the most value to your organization? If you are like most First-In-Commands (FICs) you spend less than 20% of your time doing what you do best and enjoy most. This can be harmful to you and your business. Business owners that read Larry's Linne's "Make the Noise Go Away" agree that his innovative NOISE REDUCTION SYSTEM (NRS) enables FICs to focus on "CEO" objectives rather than the day-to-day fires that require immediate attention.

The Solution
The NRS takes in innovative approach to maing a business owner more effective. Rather than simply delegating more, the Second-In-Command (SIC) learns how to assume greater responsibility, focus more on the principal's objectives, and reduce the "noise" that interferes with CEO productivity and value. Not only does this program help the FIC, but the SIC will benefit by making himself or herself more valuable and indispensable to the organization while learning how to utilize his/her own SICs more effectively. The ultimate objective is for the "noise" to be eliminated so that both the FIC and SIC can be free to do what they do best.

An Overview
The program is designed for SICs. Their FICs will attend the first and last of 10 sessions. Each class is taught in 2.5 hour workshops, one day per month for 10 months. This is more than training; it is an implementation program. After 10 months, the NRS will already be implemented and delivering value to the FIC, the SIC, and the entire organization.

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